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Intertek to help Jingdong release mobile power enterprise standards, establish a new benchmark industry
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Beijing 18, May 2015 / PRNewswire / - recently, Intertek group was invited to attend the Jingdong group mobile power enterprise standard conference. The release of the standard from the unified capacity unit, set up safety requirements, improve performance and other aspects of the mobile power products and put forward specific norms, in order to protect the interests of consumers, regulate the sale of channels, the whole industry self-discipline and self driven. As a Jingdong group quality and safety strategic partner, Intertek technical experts participated in drafting the standard, and served as a whole review.

In 2015, China's mobile power market is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan, and will continue to maintain growth of more than 50%. But behind the rapid development of mobile power market, many problems have also broken out: first, the quick speculation appears in the industry, all kinds of copycat manufacturers and even small workshop production of products into the market, resulting in second, due to the lack of dragons and fishes jumbled together; the industry standard materials, the difference in the electrical core and circuit boards of different manufacturers, products uneven quality. These problems directly lead to vicious price wars, serious homogenization of products, the proliferation of fake and shoddy products and other industry chaos, not only for the development of the industry adversely, but also pose a security risk for consumers.

The Jingdong to "authentic licensed concept as the foundation, put great effort for the release of the standard, and combined with the Intertek formulation of the technical resources and experience in service standards, to ensure the feasibility and professional standards. The reference standard for mobile power industry association standard, mobile phone adapter industry standards, in August the upcoming national standard "portable electronic products with lithium ion television and battery safety requirements" and UL 2054, IEEE 1725 and other relevant standards at home and abroad, the mobile power supply safety and performance to do a more comprehensive regulatory requirements; according to the most controversial problems of mobile power capacity vacuity phenomenon is serious, difficult to distinguish, put forward the concept of effective output capacity, the capacity of identifying and testing method of mobile power supply put forward a new definition and method for the detection of reasonable, regardless of the production enterprises, and guide consumers to purchase a groundbreaking significance.

"Many years of global service experience tells us, 'quality' is the core competitiveness of enterprise development," said Li Qiong, general manager of Intertek Electronics Division in Southern China. As in the standard and the quality and safety of the field deep professional organizations, more than 130 years of Intertek, in addition to the national mandatory standards, industry standards, enterprise standards especially for buyers and retailers standard to standardize the market, enhance self-discipline and reliability plays an important role can not be ignored."

Intertek and Jingdong since last year signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides in product testing, standard services and other fields of active cooperation. Jingdong's business philosophy and culture coincide with the mission of Intertek to help customers achieve high quality goals and protect consumers' health and safety. The future, Intertek will be global expertise and rich service experience in the industry, explore more suitable for electricity supplier solutions to help Jingdong and other electricity supplier brands to deliver and reach a commitment to consumer quality.


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