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Definition of switching power supply
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The switching power supply is the use of modern electronic technology, the control switch turn-on and turn off time ratio, maintain a stable output voltage power supplies, switching power supply from the general pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET. With the development and innovation of power electronics technology, switching power supply technology is also constantly innovation. At present, switching power supply is widely used in small, light and high efficiency. Almost all electronic equipment is an indispensable mode of power supply for today's rapid development of electronic information industry.

How much does the PC power supply know?

The personal power used by PC is called a "switch mode" based on technology, so we often will call the PC power switching power supply (Switching Mode Power Supplies, referred to as SMPS), it has a nickname: DC-DC converter. In this article, we will explain the working mode and principle of the switching power supply, the introduction of the internal components of the switching power supply, and the functions of these components.


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